An introduction to the


Supporting neurodivergent children and young people using acceptance-based strategies.

He is doing great at his new school and he goes every day! I never thought we would get him there. Thanks for all the support that you gave us at a very stressful time of our lives!

The ACCEPT Approach Parent feedback.

An Introduction to the ACCEPT Approach

Aaron Yorke is a specialist teacher and autism advisor for Local Authorities in the West Midlands. He was diagnosed autistic at 30 years old and is a proud parent of two autistic children. In 2019, he began developing ‘the Accept Approach,’ a new acceptance-based approach aimed at helping support autistic children and young people who do not respond to traditional autism strategies. This paper reflects on the impact that the Accept Approach had on two autistic children who were not attending school due to high levels of anxiety. Both children responded well and returned to education, and their parents gave positive feedback.

A New
Acceptance-Based Strategy

“We cannot change; we cannot move away from what we are until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed.”
(Carl Rogers)

Supporting the work on neurodiversity and acceptance.

The aim of this study was to see whether acceptance as a ‘concept’ could be applied practically and effectively to support autistic children who have not responded to traditional autism strategies

Challenging the Medical Model view of autism

The problem is this: not all autistic children respond positively to traditional autism approaches.

The FOUR foundations of the ACCEPT Approach.

The four foundations, REMOVE, REMIND, REASSURE, & REAFFIRM, are the key factors used within the ACCEPT Approach.

Professionals experience of using The ACCEPT Approach.

We have been fortunate to work alongside some amazing profesionals, who have been using the ACCEPT Approach. Here are some videos of some of their expereinces: Libby Hill (Independent Speech and Language Therapist) And Rachel Tenacious (Parent, Autistic Adult and advocate for Talking SENse!)

My son is looking forward for the first time in far too long. He is opening his mind to possibilities around his learning and his future.

The ACCEPT Approach Parent feedback.

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