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Supporting neurodivergent children and young people using acceptance based strategies.




Accepting Behaviour is a specialist advisory and outreach education service. We are a small group of specialist teachers working independently with local authorities, schools and families who are supporting autistic children and those with social communication/interaction differences. 


We support schools and families to help them achieve the best outcomes for their children and young people through delivering a specialised program of 'acceptance-based strategies'.

“Sessions have been a life line, people that can support my daughter and family when no one else would.  It’s been great as Aaron and Jayne also understand what’s happening and can make sense of it all. The sessions are helping our daughter to understand herself, acceptance while helping her gain confidence with who she is. Thanks again, this approach should be used by every school, LA, CAMHS and services as it works!" ️ 

EOTAS support, Parent feedback



We provide a specialist education support service for children and young people who are not able to attend school due to anxiety related issues. We support in the home or virtually to developed an individualised pathway to the right education for there child. 


One to one support for parents and families 


Affordable support for parents and families who would like a one to one session to discuss their situation, and gain immediate help and advice.

Virtual or in person

autism using


Aaron Yorke is a specialist teacher and Local Authority autism advisor. He has developed a new acceptance based approach called 'The Accept Approach' focusing on supporting autistic children/young people and those with other social and communication difficulties, such as ADHD.

The Accept Approach (Yorke, 2021) has been peer reviewed and published in the academic journal The Good Autism Practice in October 2021.


The article is available here.


About us

Accepting Behaviour was set up in 2019 by specialist teachers and parents, Aaron and Jayne Yorke.


Aaron has 20 years experience as a qualified specialist teacher & autism advisor for Local 

Authorities and has a BSc in Psychology, QTS, & PGC

in Autism and is an autism speaker.

Jayne has 20 years experience as a qualified specialist teacher. Her specialism in SEN & she has a BSc in Psychology, QTS and an MEd in Special Educational Needs


A growing
online community of families & educators


We offer online support and regular live sessions on Facebook for families and educators. We also offer free information videos available on our YouTube channel

'Aaron is amazing. He just really gets it. I’ve listened to Aaron a couple of times speaking at an Autism support group. He is very experienced having gone through so much himself but still also lives it daily with his children. He is positive, funny and friendly and such an inspiration. After hearing Aaron for the first time, I came away feeling everything is going to be alright.' 

Feedback from autism training session

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