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Supporting neurodivergent children and young people using acceptance based strategies.

Specialist outreach education service.

Accepting Behaviour is a specialist advisory and outreach education service. We are a group of specialist teachers working independently with local authorities, schools and families supporting autistic children and those with social communication/interaction differences.

We support schools and families to help them achieve the best outcomes for their children and young people through delivering a specialised program of ‘acceptance-based strategies.’

We believe that
acceptance-based support
is the way forward.

The ACCEPT Approach (Yorke, 2021)

Learn more about acceptance-based support and how The ACCEPT Approach has impacted the lives of children and young people we work with. In the journal article, we discuss two case studies of autistic children who were not accessing learning in school. The article introduces the concepts of the ACCEPT Approach with a breakdown of how it can be applied.

Case studies

Here are some real-life case studies showing the positive impact of the Accept Approach on young people who could not cope in an educational setting. Here are some examples of how we support families through our EOTAS packages.

EOTAS Outreach Service

We provide a specialist education support service for children and young people who are not able to attend school due to anxiety-related issues. We support in the home or virtually to develop an individualised pathway to the right education for their child. 

One-to-one support for parents & families

Affordable support for parents and families who want a one-to-one session to discuss their situation and gain immediate help and advice.

Virtual or in-person

A growing
online community of families & educators

We offer online support and regular live sessions on Facebook for families and educators. We also provide free information videos available on our YouTube channel.

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