Accepting Behaviour


We support neurodivergent children and young people using acceptance-based strategies.

Professional advice and support

As parents of two autistic children, we are aware of the need for the right support due to the pressure which families face throughout their child’s educational journey. When a child cannot attend school, support is limited and often difficult to access. Therefore, we aim to offer the right support at the right time without having to wait for it.

We understand. We are parents too.

Outreach support

We offer specialist outreach support working with schools, children, and their families to help re-engage them back into learning using acceptance-based approaches. We also help support learning and engagement during sessions in the home. The focus of our tutoring is to engage the young people specifically in their interests.  This can include a variety of topics within a creative curriculum, such as science, cooking, a mobile music studio, professional photography equipment and digital media design programs.

Targeted home support

We understand how much anxiety has an impact on learning which is why we offer targeted one-to-one support in the home or education setting using therapeutic support focused on reducing anxiety, raising self-esteem, and helping to build self-confidence in the interim until they are ready to return to learning.

We follow an Acceptance Based Curriculum.

Adult suggested learning

We have been developing an Acceptance-based Curriculum (ABC) that we use in the home with families who need more for their children who have not responded to the national curriculum. The ABC is a new evidence-based curriculum designed to help inspire young people to love learning again and find their interests. You can access our research page here for more info on the ABC.

Support and advice.

Specific parent support and advice

Specialist advice for parents, including autism understanding, SEN support in school meetings, report writing, EHCP process, and EOTAS. We also support families struggling to help their children in the home.

We provide autism understanding training, online course access, and bitesize sessions to help within the home and social environments.

We want to help make things better.