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Supporting neurodivergent children and young people using acceptance-based strategies.

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Accepting behaviour education channel

An introduction
to The ACCEPT Approach.

In this video, you will be introduced to an approach to help support autistic children and those with social differences using Acceotance-based approaches. The ACCEPT Approach was developed by Aaron Yorke and has been peer-reviewed and academically published. You can access the academic journal below.

Accepting behaviour education channel

The problem with school attendance

In this video, Aaron discusses the issue of school avoidance. He talks about the problem and how we can support young people who cannot attend school. There are lots of useful tips and resources you can access, so don’t miss this video!

Accepting behaviour education channel

What’s all this acceptance stuff about?

In this video, Aaron discusses why he believes acceptance is so important when supporting autistic children and those with social differences. He uses real-life examples and shares his own personal experiences.


Here are some free infographics you can download and keep. All info is specific to supporting autistic children and those with social communication differences.

Four key steps of the ACCEPT approach for anxiety relief.
Infographic with tips for understanding EOTAS.
Educational support advice for struggling children in UK schools.
EOATS awareness poster with legal responsibilities and parent actions.

An Introduction to the ACCEPT Approach

The Acceptance Based Curriculum

Access research articles here

As a team, we are always working towards building support around using Acceptance-Based approaches to learning. We believe acceptance is a key factor in supporting young people with social differences. Aaron Yorke is an independent researcher in this area and has published journal articles to share his findings. You can access them here.