Accepting Behaviour


Supporting neurodivergent children and young people using acceptance-based strategies.

‘Following in the footsteps of Bo Hejlskov Elvén, Ross W. Greene and Andrew McDonnel comes Aaron Yorke with his Accept Approach. Aaron’s enthusiastic delivery coupled with his in-depth knowledge is a masterclass in understanding any individual with an autism diagnosis and how best to work with them.’


Target school support

We believe that autistic students struggling in education can often be prevented if school settings are supported in the right ways. Therefore, we offer in-school staff training and statutory work to help support students at risk of disengaging from learning.

We know the pressures of teaching.

We have a team of specialist teachers who know how hard it is to teach. Therefore, all our in-school support is designed to be effective for you and your students who are autistic or have social/communication differences. We focus on acceptance-based approaches to help both staff and students better understand their autism/differences and how these can impact their learning during daily school and classroom engagement. We get it. We want to help.

Target statutory in-school support

We can work with students through observations and one-to-one support. We offer specific advice and support for staff working with students who cannot access the classroom environment for various reasons. We help staff and students understand their issues and how they impact their learning.

We also provide statutory work, including SEN Code of Practice guidance, TAC and EHC report writing, meeting attendance, and support for parents through the process.

Within all our work, we help schools develop bespoke strategies with both the staff and students to help them overcome barriers to their learning. Throughout our work, we deliver specialist acceptance-based guidance and support for schools to ensure improved outcomes for students of all ages.

We want to help make things better.

Our approach

Acceptance can be applied practically and effectively to support students who have not responded to traditional communication strategies. Our approach is not to view a problem or issue as a deficit but to focus on ways students can learn to accept themselves within it and then move naturally from it.

We achieve this by applying a strategically designed support method called The Accept Approach (Yorke 2021). The approach focuses on applying four foundations of acceptance to help identify the most effective ways to engage students in their learning. Below is an overview of how the approach works to support students.

Aaron Yorke created and developed the Accept Approach, which has been published in The Good Autism Practice Journal. You can access published journal articles by visiting our research page.

Yorke, A (2021) A case study of two autistic children supported by the Accept Approach: a new acceptance based strategy.Good Autism Practice, 22, 2, 2021

We provide training that works.


‘I just wanted to thank you for your contribution to all three days of training this week.

You were fantastic! The evaluations from all three mornings were very positive and many specifically mentioned your ‘inspirational’ contribution.’

Feedback from Birmingham City Wide SENCO training

Absolutely brilliant advice and support around so many things affecting behaviour and mind. The live chat on anxiety was spot on and so helpful. Aaron seems to ‘get it’ in a friendly, informal, professional and knowledgable manner.”
Class Teacher
Training Attendee

Training packages

We offer up-to-date Autism/ADHD staff training focused on how you can apply acceptance-based support to help your students more effectively. We teach evidence-based strategies/skills through the delivery of whole school, face-to-face, or online training. We provide 90-minute, half-day and full-day sessions. We can also provide online or in-school training.

Training Objectives

Increase Awareness: Provide comprehensive knowledge about autism, ADHD and social differences, including the latest research and developments.

Increase a better understanding: Our training delivers knowledge about autism, ADHD, and social differences and how we can apply effective strategies to help support them better.

Promote Inclusion: Equip participants with strategies for fostering acceptance-based, supportive environments in educational, social, and professional settings.

Identify Natural Communication Skills: We train staff to understand that children and young people with social differences do not lack social skills. Instead, we teach you how to identify their ‘natural social skills’.

Acceptance-Based Strategies: Offer insight into Acceptance-Based strategies that are effective, purposeful and beneficial to all involved.

Training Methods

  • Interactive Presentations, Group Discussions, role-playing, Case Studies and Real-life Scenarios, Q&A Sessions, and Resource Distribution (Handouts, Toolkits, etc.)

Evaluation and Feedback:

  • Pre and Post-Training Surveys, Participant Feedback Forms, Follow-up Sessions (Optional)

Additional Notes:

  • All our training can be customized for different groups or specific needs.
  • Certificates of completion can be provided to participants.
  • Follow-up resources and support can also be made available.

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